Portawipes Compressed Toilet Paper Tablet Coin Tissues - 100 Pack with 2 Carrying Cases

Portawipes Compressed Toilet Paper Tablet Coin Tissues - 100 Pack with 2 Carrying Cases

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BE PREPARED IN THE HOME OR ON THE GO: Use Portawipes compressed coin tissues anywhere. Just add a tablespoon of water and you've got a luxurious and hygienic wipe ready to use. In the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, garage, school or even the workplace. With the INCLUDED WATERPROOF CASES, take them with you everywhere you go. Great for the outdoors, camping, hiking or out on the boat. Great for survival enthusiasts
Includes TWO Waterproof Cases: Take them with you everywhere you go with the included waterproof storage cases designed for the outdoors, camping, hiking or out on the boat. Great for survival enthusiasts, hunters, and campers!
LARGER, SOFTER AND STRONGER: With a fabric weight of 54 grams per square meter, Portawipes are the THICKEST compressed tissues you can buy! Plus they're up to 27% LARGER than common compressed tissues. Avoid the rough "cheesecloth" texture of common coin tissues. Our unique jacquard fabric is SOFTER on the skin and STRONGER than other brands. Superior to wet naps, wipes or paper towels. It's a difference you can see and feel!
HYPOALLERGENIC, PRESERVATIVE FREE, FRAGRANCE FREE & ODOR FREE: Portawipes compressed coin tissues are made from OEKO-TEX 100 Certified Viscose Rayon derived from ORGANIC, BIODEGRADABLE cellulose sources and are as pure as the water used to activate them. Soft, gentle and completely ODOR FREE, great for sensitive or delicate skin. Great for kids. Portawipes compressed coin towel wipes won't cause a nasty rash common with the preservatives found in many wet wipes.
REUSABLE & BIODEGRADEABLE: Portawipes can be reused many times. Simply rinse with water and wring out. When you're ready to throw them away, rest assured that biodegradable Portawipes compressed coin towels will have minimal impact on the environment

Brand: Portawipes

UPC: 653981908041

EAN: 0653981908041

Keep your hands, body, and personal areas cleaner and more hygienic with Portawipes compressed towels designed for the on-the-go lifestyle!Whether you’re an avid camper, love taking your kids to the park, or get a little messy in the garage, you need to keep your hands and personal areas clean, so you can feel comfortable and confident. That’s why we created Portawipes Compressed Towelettes that provide a smart, efficient, and portable way to wipe, clean or wash your hands and body no matter where you’re at!Hypoallergenic, Larger in Size, and Made for Kids and Adults These portable and biodegradable coin towels easily fit in a pocket, backpack, diaper bag, or survival pack, so you always have a clean, odor-free wipe available when you need them most. And because they’re 27% larger in size, softer on even the gentlest skin, and reusable to reduce waste, there’s no adventure you won’t be ready to take on.Product Details:100 Count of Compressed TowelettesEcofriendly and Biodegradable Softer, Stronger and Reusable (Washable)Hypoallergenic and 27% Larger in SizePreservative, Fragrance, and Odor-freeActivated Size: 9.45in x 9.45inPortable Size: 0.81in x 0.375inNot FlushableOrder Includes:100 Compressed Portawipes Towels plus two waterproof travel storage tubes Click Add to Cart now to get this order of compressed coin towels to keep yourself clean and healthy no matter where adventure takes you!