NRP Braun Coffeemakers Replacement Charcoal Water Filter BRSC004 BrewSense Drip Series 12-pack

NRP Braun Coffeemakers Replacement Charcoal Water Filter BRSC004 BrewSense Drip Series 12-pack

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High Quality Coconut Husk Charcoal Filters Can Do the Best of Removes Impurities in the Water that Interfere with Taste
NRP Charcoal Water Filter For Use with All Braun and Other Drip Coffeemakers like as Cuisinart
Quality Meets or Exceeds Original Filters. Dimensions of this NRP Filter: 47*27*20 mm
ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING - we made your braun filter not in a bulky box, but with minimal packaging
* NRP Charcoal Filters have been Tested for Material Safety and Passed the FDA Testing. Does not Introduce Impurities from Materials Used in the Manufacturing Process

Brand: NRP Neutral Replacement Parts

UPC: 850006544202

EAN: 6751056228316

MPN: 8541894459

EACH FILTER MEASURES APPROXIMATELY 1.85" x 1.0" x 0.8" equal to 47*27*20 mm They Meet Or Exceed Original Performance Standard And Are Very Affordable. Try These NRP High-Quality Water Filters Today And You Will Notice the Difference With the First Cup. This little filters works with Braun (BRSC004) BrewSense Drip Coffee Makers. removes chlorine, calcium and water impurities that interfere with that rich, savory flavor in your cup of coffee. Easy to install and replace, the filter lets you enjoy pure, fresh-brewed flavor at home. Safe to Use Guarantee * NRP charcoal filters have been tested for material safety and passed the FDA testing. * Does not introduce impurities from materials used in the manufacturing process WE USED COCONUT HUSKS! The best, most effective activated charcoal is made from the husks of dried coconuts. The high density of their husks ensures a higher density of charcoal, which therefore means more absorptive material in a small package. This water filter replacement parts are filled only with coconut husk activated charcoal so that your beverage tastes exactly like it was meant to and is healthier as well!