Liquitex Professional Gesso Surface Prep Medium, White, 64-oz

Liquitex Professional Gesso Surface Prep Medium, White, 64-oz

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Fluid in nature
Reduce viscosity of heavier paints and gels
Includes 64-oz / ml bottle of medium
Intermixable with Liquitex Professional Acrylic Paint Colors and Mediums
Conforms to ASTM D4236; Safe for educational use

Brand: Liquitex

Color: White

UPC: 094376924053

EAN: 0094376924053

MPN: 5334

Liquitex Acrylic Mediums In addition to the widest array of Professional and Student colors, Liquitex offers the broadest possible range of acrylic mediums to inspire creativity at every stage of the painting process. We understand that mediums are often a difficult concept to grasp until you actually dive into them, so we’ve tried to simplify usage by classifying products in three distinct categories: Prep, Paint, and Finish. Prep Surface preparations set the foundation for stable and permanent color applications by sealing and adding tooth to almost any painting surface. We offer five different types of prep products available to accommodate all types of work. Paint Within the painting category, there are several different types of products you would use besides the color itself. They are Fluid Mediums, Gel Mediums, Additives, and Texture Gels. Each of these products are explained further within this brochure. These painting mediums allow an artist to adjust the working and optical properties of the paint film to accomplish an astonishing variety of techniques and applications. Finish Varnishes are applied over a completed piece of work to change or unify the surface sheen and protect the painted surface from the environment and ultraviolet light. Whether you are Prepping the surface, Painting the masterpiece, or adding the crucial Finishing touch, Liquitex offers the proper medium to achieve any desired result. Explore your possibilities even further by mixing Liquitex acrylic color with any of our mediums. Explore the possibilities Prep Paint Finish All Surface Preps Flexible/non-cracking Does not yellow over time If using more than 1 coat, sanding between coats is recommended Adding Liquitex Soft Body color to any gesso creates customized tints and primers Surface Preparation Surface Preparations are used to seal, prime and add tooth (for color adhesion) to all surfaces such as canvas, wood, paper and metal. This same preparation is used for both acrylic and oil paint. Our professional gessoes usually take just 1 coat. Surface Preparations available: BASICS Gesso White Gesso Clear Gesso Super Heavy Gesso Colored Gesso White Gesso The classic white sealer and ground for absorbent surfaces, such as canvas, paper, or wood. Provides the proper surface sizing, tooth and absorbency for acrylic and oil paints. Traditional gesso is meant to be opaque titanium white for good coverage. Two coats are recommended under oil color. Clear GessoSuper Heavy GessoColored GessoBASICS GessoAlso available:Clear Gesso provides an ideal degree of tooth for pastel, oil pastel, graphite, and charcoal as well as an excellent ground for acrylic and oil paints.An innovative, impasto, titanium white gesso having the ability to hold sculptural shape.Establishes a color ground while providing all the attributes of traditional acrylic gesso.BASICS Gesso is a good quality, value, priced surface preparation alternative to professional grade gesso.This gesso is ideal for painting over colored or patterned surfaces.Ideal for thick and sculptural application with a knife or brush.As with traditional gesso, colored gessoes also give opaque surface coverage.Usually takes two coats to seal supports.