Tiny Towns: Fortune

Tiny Towns: Fortune

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For 1-6 players. Ages 14 and up
30-45 minute playing time
Introduces Coins to the game, along with any new buildings featuring new shape combinations and abilities.
All of these are completely compatible with the previous tiny towns buildings and the coin system is easy for any player to pick up and add to their strategies!

Brand: Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG)

UPC: 729220070722

EAN: 0729220070722

MPN: AEG7072

Return to Your Tiny Town! Wealth and Fortune Await! This new expansion for Tiny Towns brings coins to the mix! These bits of gold will greatly impact your tiny town. New buildings that benefit from and generate the coins will add unique strategies to your town-building efforts! 1-6 Players45-60 minute playing timeAges 14+Requires Tiny Towns base game to play Contents 6 Chest boards 30 wooden coins 10 wooden resource cubes 12 Building cards 10 Monument cards 1 scorepad 1 rulebook New coins add an exciting and unique twist to the game. Buildings that can be built more quickly, or earn more points, are just a few of the things coins will unlock for you! All new buildings that interact with coins bring even more variety to the game of Tiny Towns. Will you be the best mayor of Tiny Towns? Face the new challenges in Tiny Towns: Fortune!