Totika Self Esteem Cards and Totika Cube

Totika Self Esteem Cards and Totika Cube

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Another fun game to play with any of your current Totika card decks OR use the Self Esteem deck to play with the Cube and the Totika stacking game.
With Totika Stacking game, roll the Cube to determine the color block that must be removed from the stack and the color question to be asked.
Without Totika Stacking game, simply roll Totika Cube, pick a card and ask any other player the same color set-up time, quick and easy question and answer game. Or, toss and catch the Cube, look under your hand for the color question to ask another player.
Soft foam stuffed indoor safe 3 X 3" vinyl sided cube, Self Esteem question cards and instructions

Brand: Open Spaces, LLC

UPC: 183617000684

EAN: 0183617000684

The Totika stacking game has been the most popular question and answer game for counselors, teachers, medical professionals and families over the last two decades. The Totika Cube is the perfect addition, it's a dice that determines the color block that must next be removed from the stack! Or, simply use the Cube on it's own as a fast question and answer game with any Totika card deck...Just roll the Cube and ask any other player the same color question. Expand your Totika Set by adding the Totika Cube along with the Self Esteem card deck.